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pomfy® LOVE

The pomfy® pillow & spray have transformed my nightly bedtime ritual and closing meditation

Allison - Marin, CA

I have to say I am really loving the product. For the third night in a row I fell asleep with the pillow on my eyes. I definitely fell asleep faster than I usually do. I am a changed man.

Prasan - Manhattan, NY

I have definitely slept better with pomfy®. Since I'm on the night shift at the hospital, the eye pillows work to block the light when I sleep during the day. 

Nicole, NYC Nurse

When I need a quick nap or to catch up on some lost shut-eye, the first think I reach for is my pomfy®. If I travel, it's the first thing in my bag. For a minimalist who try's to accumulate as little as possible, this is on the list of MUST HAVE'S.

Scott - Miami, FL

I use my pomfy® pillow for both sleep and pain relief. I have joint pain and back pain. The relief I get when I heat the pillow is amazing!

I also put the pillow in the freezer and use it cold for headache and sinus relief. It's the perfect amount of cooling pressure to relieve this kind of pain and allows me to fall asleep comfortably, peacefully, happily, and deeply. Perfectly dreamy!

Allysha - Del Ray, FL

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peace of mind for you™.

Crafted in the United States, our pillows are made with upcycled designer silks, organic flax seeds and essential oils. The minimal packaging is made from recycled paper.

The pomfy TRIBE takes great pride in being a CONSCIOUS DESIGN company.

Get the rest you need to be a happy, healthy and productive human!  Lets go to bed™!


Oversized for SIDE SLEEPERS!

pomfy is oversized so that it stays on your eyes while you are getting to sleep. Reach for pomfy to soothe you back to sleep during the night!

Balances Your Circadian Rhythm

The pomfy sleep ritual is designed to be in harmony with the sun. Fall asleep in total darkness...but wake up to the light for a fresh start to your day! Mornin' sunshine!

Heavy for Deep Pressure Therapy

The gentle and deep pressure of the pomfy weighted eye pillow relaxes the body and quiets the mind.

Very p-ommm-fy!

Flax Seed for Hot & Cold Therapy

Organic Flax Seed fill can be repeatedly heated in the microwave OR cooled in the freezer for spot treatment of aches and pains. Take that migraines & menstrual cramps!

The Calming Effect of Cool Silk

Silk is uniquely cool to the touch on the skin. This property is soothing to the eyes and calming to the body. And just like when you were a kid...there's always a cool side!

Upcycled & Organic

pomfy products are consciously designed to benefit humans without harming the environment. No new fabrics were woven & dyed in the making of this product!

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