Upcycled Designer Silks

Crafted in the United States, our pillows are made with upcycled designer silks, organic flax seeds and essential oils. The minimal packaging is made from recycled paper.

 pomfy sources the beautiful silk charmeuse prints and hammered silk solids used in their pillows from designer remnants and dead stock. Each collection is a limited edition.

Finding fabulous fabrics is part of the joy of creating the pomfy brand. It's the thrill of the hunt!

By using upcycled materials, pomfy seeks to minimize textile waste and save precious energy by reducing the carbon footprint that would have been expended to produce new material.

Total greenhouse gas emissions related to textile production are equal to 1.2 billion tons annually -- more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping trips combined, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

By 2030, it is predicted that the industry’s water consumption will grow by 50 percent to 118 billion cubic meters (or 31.17 trillion  gallons), its carbon footprint will increase to 2,791 million tons and the amount of waste it creates will hit 148 million tons.

pomfy is on a mission to REDUCE REUSE and RECYCLE.

Join us! The more the merrier!