The pomfy brand was created out of love.

Love of reading in bed...and love for a husband who...well...doesn't like that bed.

It's not the reading itself that is the problem. My husband has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. 

Not willing to give up the evening cuddle with both my husband and a good book, I began to look for a solution.

Suggesting that he cover his head with a pillow would be cruel (so he told me) and an eye mask was not an option. He didn't like the feeling of elastic around his head and most masks did not provide complete darkness. 

Total darkness is a common sleep requirement, hence the need for black out shades in hotel rooms. Turns out there is a scientific reason for this and it's related to melatonin and the circadian rhythm. 

In my quest, I stumbled across a flax seed eye pillow at a local health food store. This could be the answer - no straps! I gave the pillow to my husband for a trial sleep. While it did not solve the issue overnight (pun intended) showed promise.

He asked if I could take the concept and make one specifically for him. I'm a crafty girl...and a designer/product developer in my professional problem. Could it be that it would stay on his eyes if he moved around a bit in bed. And the weight of the pillow...could it be heavier for the same reason? Could the fabric be softer. So... after a few more rounds of wear testing, the design was hubby approved!

The eye pillow helped him get to sleep and I got back to reading in bed! Everybody wins!

That Christmas, I made eye pillows for my family. The following year, I made eye pillows for several friends and included a sleep scent specifically formulated by my friend Meg with organic essential oils that promote sleep.

Meg introduced me to aromatherapy several summers ago when I was renting a tent from her out on Long Island for a few months. Yes...that's right. I was living in a tent for a summer. Best sleep of my life...but I digress.

The combination of eye pillow and sleep scent works! Sleep and the need for restoration is so critical to health and well-being. I loved that I could offer something to family and friends that would help them get the rest they needed and deserved!

A hundred or so sets later, pomfy was launched!