Conscious Design

pomfy is a CONSCIOUS DESIGN company.

That means every decision is made considering the impact on PEOPLE and PLANET.

Our silk fabrics are sourced from dead stock and overruns of materials from designer houses.

Our shipping boxes - made of recycled paper - are manufactured in the United States and sourced locally to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our team of domestic sewers make and fill every pillow by hand.

pomfy's goal is to provide eco-responsible sleep solutions for you and yours! 

pomfy subscribes to the Conscious Design Manifesto written by Karwai Ng and Will Anderson:

Be accountable

Designers shape the world — and are responsible for the world they shape.

We enable, empower and re-imagine what’s possible.

But we also endanger, damage and destroy.

Our view of the world is too often limited to the polished surface of products and services we design.

We move fast and break things — without considering what happens when those things break.

The consequences of what we design are far reaching.

We must understand and take responsibility for those consequences.

Be conscious of what lies beneath

Icebergs pierce the waterline, revealing only a part of their structure and make up.

What is seen above the waterline is entirely reliant upon what lies beneath, invisible to the eye.

Understanding what lies below the waterline gives us a better understanding of the magnitude, impact and ultimate consequence of the object.

As designers, we are well used to thinking beyond the surface of an experience.

We say we think “end-to-end”. “Front-to-back”.

But all too often we end that thinking within the organisation we’re working with — we don’t think beyond it.

Design for consequence in a connected world

In today’s digital age, the consequences of digital design choices are often well below the visible surface, far beyond the point of initial use.

But this is no excuse for indifference — design thinking has always emphasized the importance of externalities and the need to account for them.

We must treat utility, usability, sustainability and profitability as equals.

We must evolve from user-centered to conscious design.

Conscious Design Principles

  1.  Be conscious and prepared

  2.  Look beyond the surface

  3.  Feel uncomfortable

  4.  Forget best-in-class

  5.  Remember that design tools rust too

  6.  Experiment with the process

  7.  Challenge perspectives, do it in pairs


For more information about this CONSCIOUS DESIGN MANIFESTO, check out the inspirational article from Karwai Ng & Will Anderson: 

Conscious design manifesto and principles, a Will-Wai perspective