To Be Your Best...Take Naps For More Rest!

1. Better cognition

Taking a power nap leaves you feeling more alert. In turn, your brain should function more efficiently.

2. Improved memory

Naps may promote memory consolidation (the process where our brain turns information into a long-term memory). A good nap right after learning something new appears to help us retain that information.

3. Boosted immunity

Although you should keep washing your hands and practicing physical distancing, regular napping may help your immune system.

“Sleep deprivation increases the release of pro-inflammatory markers and causes immunodeficiency,” says Natasha Fuksina, MD, a board certified internal medicine doctor. “Counteracting this with napping during the day for a period of several days improves the immune system and cellular function.”

4. Mood Enhancer

Professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Previous research has shown that naps of under 30 minutes make you more focused, productive and creative, and these new findings suggest the tantalising possibility that you can also become happier by just taking a short nap.

So go ahead...get nap happy!

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