It's called furoshiki...and we love it!

Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric. It's personal, eco-friendly and oh so beautiful!

This Japanese technique of using a single piece of a cloth to wrap an object is over 1,200 years old and was used to protect and transport the valuables of the Emperors. Simple and practical...smahhht!

Christine Leech has written a book demonstrating the furoshiki technique and more ingenious ways to create sustainable, reusable and elegantly wrapped presents for the holidays. 

If you can tie a already have this technique why "knot" give it a try? (...sorry...could not resist)


Need some more inspiration?

Estimates from the Clean Air Council suggest that Americans use two million tons of wrapping paper over the holidays each year. Let's assume 15 trees per ton of wrapping paper, this amounts to 30 million trees cut down just to wrap gifts and then be tossed in the bin!

SHGDM! And that does not include the plastic used to wrap paper for retail store...the shipping of the paper to the store...the inks used to print those cute Santas and get it!

So let's agree to Marie Kondo the wasteful tradition of buying, wrapping and disposing of gift paper...and replace it with the ancient (and sustainable) tradition of Furoshiki. So much more joy!

Fabric wrapped gifts still keep your recipient wondering...but without the waste!

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