Fitness and Sleep: Find Your Movement Groove & SLEEP!

As I mentioned in the video, there is quite a bit of evidence connecting fitness and sleep.

Here is a link to a John's Hopkins article Exercising for Better Sleep.

And the relationship is BI-DIRECTIONAL. In other words, deficiency in sleep leads to deficiency in physical activity...which leads to deficiency in sleep. In other words, when these two fundamentals to good health are out of balance, they can create a vicious cycle and a spiraling downward. More info here from The National Institute of Health.

Personally, I love the challenge of HOT YOGA but all forms support a healthy sleep regimen! More info here from The Sleep Foundation on how yoga (again...all forms) can improve the quality of your sleep.

So I encourage you to find your movement groove and the level of fitness that works best for you!

I wish you all...a good night's sleep!

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